Oaxaca Cheese

Explanations | August 29, 2016 | By

Quesadillas made with Oaxaca cheese and corn tortillas

Oaxaca cheese is perfect for gooey quesadillas.

Say it with me, wah-HAH-kah. Maybe you’re an old pro and you already love Oaxaca cheese, maybe you’re like an old friend of mine who just figured it was made from Ox milk. Either way, this is one of Mexico’s gifts to the world. The cheese got its start in the southern reaches of Mexico, deriving its name from one of the country’s culinary centers. A good Oaxaca is made with whole milk (watch out for skim milk versions masquerading as the real deal), pulled like a mozzarella, and braided or wound up into a ball. A cheese that is similar to Oaxaca, and occasionally confused with it is the Asadero de Chihuahua. The primary difference is that Oaxaca is a bit drier and has more pronounced fibers than Asadero. Both however, are great for making quesadillas.