Cooking with Kennedy

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Here is an idea that is not at all original. Frankly, I didn’t even use my Google Fu to find out if someone else is doing it. What’s the idea? I saw about 20 minutes of that movie Julie & Julia, and I fell right asleep. I tried watching it again, because food. I fell asleep. It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean–I just can’t make it through the movie. Maybe you finished both of those though. Maybe you already know the premise of Julie & Julia movie or the blog that started it, “The Julie/Julia Project”.

No? Okay, you can do like I did and fall asleep to the movie a couple of times. I’m sure it’s either at redbox or netflix or redtube… probably not redtube.  Or, if you’re a reader, you can go through it on the wayback machine here.

Don’t feel like doing either of those things? Fine. The premise is this: one cook vs. an entire book from a culinary legend. She was the challenger with a year to complete the task. She also didn’t have kids. I do–two to be precise.

We'll cook the whole book!

We’ll cook the whole book!

So what’s my angle? Among the cookbooks cluttering my house is Diana Kennedy’s My Mexico. I’m not going to use it though.  Kennedy has been awarded the Aztec Eagle. Born British, she is a Mexican national treasure. She knows more about Mexican cooking than basically anybody.  She is basically the Julia Child of Mexican food. And if you are anything like me, you’d rather have enchiladas than coq au vin 9 times out of ten. I could have picked any of her books, but I chose The Art of Mexican Cooking because it runs through various regions of Mexico and feels like a better survey of Mexico. I’ll grab a few from other books of course, but my goal is to cook you this whole book.

I’ll post a recipe count here and at some point, I’ll have to put everything into a calendar so I can make sense of this silly plan.