The Smokey Sombrero is a learning project intended to hone this cook’s craft in the kitchen with a focus on Mexican cuisine. As varied as Mexican food is, the recipes here will range from traditional pre-Colombian dishes using New World ingredients and adaptations of classic dishes found in the old-country and throughout the Mexican diaspora to New American recipes with a Mexican twist.  Some of the dishes presented here will be old familiar hats like enchiladas and pico de gallo, others will be far outside the norm for even your average Mexican.

I am Michael Beatie, and my life has taken me from border to border in Mexico; from the deserts of the North, to the rainforests of the South and the metropolitan cities in between. In every corner of the country that I have visited, I have found amazing food prepared by happy,  friendly people–men and women alike. My hope is to write enough here to give you a broad survey of Mexican cuisine, and to dive deep into the variety of ingredients and preparations you can discover in homes, at parties, on the streets and in world famous restaurants. 

I welcome feedback and critiques of the food presented here. After all, everyone’s tastebuds are different. If you have a question about technique that I gloss over, let me know and I will be sure to get back to you. A cocinar!